Spot is an anonymous reporting tool for workplace harassment and discrimination that I helped launch in 2019. In addition to building the product, I also redesigned the brand, directed the first product video, implemented a new website, and launched sexual harassment compliance training.

Product design, UX/UI, Brand

I joined the Spot team in 2018, when the product was at an inflection point. Post MVP, Spot’s challenge was to become a sustainable business by expanding features and benefits to HR teams.

During my time on the Spot team, I led design across brand and product, refined the company vision, improved product accessibility, and implemented new product features that added value to employers: a centralized dashboard to manage reports, a follow-up feature allowing employers to ask clarifying questions without jeopardizing reporter anonymity, employee pulse surveys, and a 12-part sexual harassment compliance training series.

For a preview of the reporting tool, check out the Figma prototype →

For a preview of the training series, check out the Training demo →

“When individuals can report without worrying about bias or retaliation, they’re more likely to give you a real picture of what’s going on inside your organization.”

Jessica Collier

CEO homepage

Together, our team worked to implement a new marketing funnel to capture SMB and enterprise clients. Marketing materials included Spot’s website, social media assets, email drip campaigns, customized enterprise assets, conference environments, branded swag, and Spot’s first animated product video.

Making the product video

As part of Spot’s growth and scaling, we needed a product marketing video. Leading this effort, I recruited animation studio Laundry with a vision and a robust creative brief that included a script and initial storyboards. Together, we worked closely to recruit voice talent, chose a musical score, and refine animation.

Fun fact: While working on final production at Swell, I got to step into the recording booth and make a cameo for custom Spot sound effects.

Inclusive character design

Working closely with Carlos Rocafort IV, I helped create an inclusive, gender neutral character style. To learn more, read about the process in Adobe's Create Magazine article →  or listen to the All Turtles Podcast episode where I talk about the process below

A redline view of the Spot logo

The spot identity is represented by a hot air balloon. Constructed by overlapping speech bubbles, the concept implies that using your voice can help lift others, helping them get a clear from above.



Micah Rivera

Principal Product Designer

Lead strategy, Brand, Art Direction and UX Product Design. Contributed to illustration

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Principal UX Writer

Wrote product content, training content, and marketing content

Senior Software Engineer


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Director of Product Design

Training content contributor

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Program Manager

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Enterprise and SMB sales

Dylan Marriott

Cofounder & Head of Engineering

Led Engineering team

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Cofounder & Head of Product

Product strategy & product management

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