I designed 3 consecutive versions of Sephora's Virtual Artist app, a Clio Award-winning augmented reality-based iOS and Android app that allows users to try on makeup products virtually.

Product design, UX/UI

In 2017, the global luxury beauty retailer Sephora reengaged our design team to update and add features to our 5th consecutive version of their award-winning augmented reality-based iOS and Android app.

The Sephora Virtual Artist app allows users to try-on, customize and explore makeup looks through augmented reality tools by ModiFace.

As part of the 5.0 effort, I led the team and built upon our previous work to improve the experience with new features: saving looks, social sharing, new tutorials, and improved purchasing experience for getting products directly in the app.

“I was blown away.”


“It’s almost too easy.”


“This app is my favorite!”


“What a time to be alive!”


Product evolution

Building upon the design system built for previous versions, I designed a 350-screen evolution, implementing a robust and collaborative design library which proved essential to keeping my team of designers on the same page across multiple features.


We user tested our designs as part of our collaboration with Sephora's Innovation Lab. For this, I created wireframes and produced interactive prototypes using Principal to quickly test and validate design hypotheses, features, and get feedback before version launches.

Check out an example of a Sephora wireframe prototype →


(Hero_Digital. 2016-2018)

Micah Rivera

Art Director

Project lead, UX and Product Design

Andreas Tretner

VP Creative

Creative Director

Heather Adorna

Visual Designer

Design production

Jessica Reid

Senior Project Manager

Project management

Emily Brockman

Project Manager

Project management

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