I rebranded the iconic home electronics company iRobot, whose products include a range of autonomous home vacuum cleaners (Roomba), floor moppers (Braava), and other autonomous cleaning devices.


In 2016, as iRobot prepared to launch an updated Roomba, a primary pain-point for the brand was lack of brand perception across international markets. iRobot’s recognition and equity was being overpowered by its best-known product, Roomba.

In order to reinvigorate the brand, they challenged our design team to create a “smart symbol” logo. While designing the smart symbol, it became clear that iRobot should seize the opportunity to update the whole wordmark. iRobot chose to invest in updating the entire master brand to modernize and align the global brand under the new smart symbol.

“The most powerful mark we have today is Roomba”



iRobot’s clear point of differentiation and positioning is the intersection of technology and humanity; it illustrates a deep commitment to connecting people with products that make enjoying life a little easier.


Our team presented the client with a spectrum of symbol explorations, with iRobot choosing to pursue an evolution of the brand, which modernized the identity’s original visual equity of the “iR.”


(Fuseproject 2016)

Micah Rivera

Senior Brand Designer

Brand design

Yves Behar


Creative direction

Naoya Edahiro

Senior Industrial Designer

Industrial Design

Lizzie Azzolino

Design Strategy Lead

Brand Strategy

David Kodinsky

Senior Strategist

Brand Strategy

Gillian Rode

Senior Program Lead

Project management

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