I designed the Instagram environment inside of the Facebook Partner Center, a multi-format showcase of technology and ad capabilities, where both Facebook and Instagram build relationships with brands by crafting custom exhibits of their social campaigns come to life.


In 2016, my team collaborated to design the environment for the Facebook Partner Center in Menlo Park, CA.

Here, Senior Marketing Executives and Product experts helped businesses identify marketing solutions by showcasing connections and partnership opportunities.

The VBPO team was challenged to design 6 unique environments while considering and integrating the existing unique architectural elements and the existing visitor flow through space.

Immersive experience

While designing the Instagram gallery, I wanted to attract visitors to the exhibit by creating a recognizable beacon of light that could be seen from the building entrance. With this bright photo booth, we invited visitors to take part in the exhibition by immersing themselves in the Instagram brand colors and snapping the ultimate timeline worthy selfie.

Material details

Inspired by facebook philosophy “one-to-one, one-to-many,” we selected materials and finishes that would physically express the overlapping nature of social networks through textured felt, layered entrances and multi-dimensional light boxes.


(VBPO 2017)

Micah Rivera

Senior Brand Designer

Environmental concept and design - IG showcase

Marc Wollard

Director of Experience Design

Creative Direction

Michael Lashford

Design Lead

Experience design - team lead

Emily McNamara

Senior Experience Strategist

Strategy & architectural rendering

Karli DiFilippo


Production and project management

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